Tales of Triumph from Kerala

KSIDC > Seven Decades of Innovation: WIP’s Plywood Legacy Inspires the Industry
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Tales of Triumph from Kerala

For over seven decades, Western India Plywoods Ltd. (WIP) has been at the forefront of innovation in the plywood and panel product industry. Established in 1945 with modest beginnings, WIP’s journey from a small sawmill to a thriving industrial complex in Southeast Asia is a testament to their commitment.

They’ve consistently embraced cutting-edge technologies, crafting a wide range of products including plywood, hard boards, densified wood, wooden flooring, soft boards, furniture, and wipress. Notably, WIP holds numerous “firsts” and patents, pioneering irradiated wood, aircraft plywood, and more.

Their dedication to quality and innovation, marked by ISO 9002 certification, has made them a leader in the industry. With a relentless focus on customer satisfaction and timely delivery, WIP’s success story continues to inspire.

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Last Updated on: 24 June 2024
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