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Startup Support(Seed Funding & Scaleup Assistance)
  • Seed Funding
    • To provide seed fund assistance to innovative start-up ventures / potential start ups
    • Loan assistance of up to 90% of initial project cost shall be provided
    • Lending limits shall be Rs. 25 Lakhs
    • Shall be treated as soft loan to the entity
    • Soft loan to be repaid within 3 years
    • Interest rate of 6.50% (i.e., bank rate as on date of sanction)
  • Scale Up Funding
    • For those seed fund assisted start-ups of KSIDC that have successfully completed the product development and have introduced their product in the market, started commercial operations / generating revenues
    • Further financial assistance of up to Rs. 50 lakhs for scaling up their business activities, subject to a maximum of 80% of project cost
    • Scale up support will be given as a soft loan for a period of 3 years
    • Interest rate of 7.00%
  • How to apply
      • Start-ups that wish to avail assistance from KSIDC can call our Startup Cell helpline number (Ph:0484-2323010) or you can meet the single point contact (Sarath K, BDE, KSIDC) or email us your business plan to [email protected]
      • The applicant will be contacted and guided for submission of the application offline/online
      • Online application can be submitted at
      • On receipt of the proposal, KSIDC will interact with the applicant/company
      • Once the application is submitted, a preliminary evaluation by the Start up Team will be undertaken.
      • The proposal is then placed before the Committee entrusted for evaluation and applicants shall be invited to present their proposal before the committee for final approval.

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Last Updated on: 19 July 2024
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