Tales of Triumph from Kerala

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Tales of Triumph from Kerala

Alphonsa Cashew Industries, a family-owned business since 1958, is a leading player in the cashew industry. With a strong focus on quality, they control every step of the cashew journey. They source the finest raw cashews from six African origins and process them in their 13 facilities in India. Their top-notch cashew kernels reach over 300 customers in 43 countries, earning them a top-10 ranking by the Cochin Chamber of Commerce.

What sets Alphonsa apart is their commitment to sustainability and responsibility. They believe in universal principles and prioritize food safety and supply chain transparency. Their rigorous processes ensure safe and traceable cashews. They take pride in delivering the best quality cashews with sensory excellence, making them a preferred supplier to global snacking and nut brands.

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Last Updated on: 26 May 2024
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