Tales of Triumph from Kerala

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Tales of Triumph from Kerala

Kavanar Latex, a joint venture of the Rubber Board and Rubber Producers Societies, is a leading manufacturer of Technically Specified Rubber (ISNR) and Ribbed Smoked Sheets in India. Established in 1990 with an initial capital of Rs. 30 lakhs, the company began commercial production in 1994.
Over the years, Kavanar Latex has evolved and expanded. In 1998, it became a public limited company with an authorized share capital of Rs. 150 lakh. The company invested in modernization, including an effluent treatment plant in 1996 and machinery modifications to produce ISNR from scrap rubber.
Further expansion occurred in 2007–08, increasing daily production capacity from 10 MT to 24 MT. The company also implemented a productivity-linked incentive system in 2003 and started selling directly to prominent tire manufacturers.
Kavanar Latex has achieved ISO 9001-2000 certification and expanded its operations to export to 11 countries. Currently, the company primarily focuses on ISNR 20 production.

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Last Updated on: 13 April 2024
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