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Policy Reforms

A proactive Government will always be striving for simplification of existing policies and procedures so as to make the entrepreneurs more comfortable and assured to do their business. Keeping this in view, Government had appointed an External Committee (Sunny Committee) to scrutinize all legislations that are relevant to business, and suggest suitable amendment to obsolete provisions and to repeal redundant laws. The Committee also had the mandate to decriminalize the criminal provisions in the business laws.

The Committee submitted its report with recommendations to amend 12 existing Acts, 12 Rules, enactment of 3 Acts, pertaining to 13 various departments. Subsequent to the submission of the report of the External Committee to the Government, various Departmental Working Committees were constituted to discuss and implement the legislative reforms. A Legal Back Office (LBO) is functioning in KSIDC to facilitate the amendments. The LBO has already submitted draft Bills to the Government, pertaining to Industries & Labour departments and is mandated to submit the remaining amendments by 15th of May 2023.

The External Committee also did a scrutiny of the criminal provisions in the legislations relevant to business and suggested decriminalization in 38 various Acts. The Kerala Law Reforms Commission has drafted 38 Bills and submitted the same to the Government. It is expected that the reform suggestions of the External Committee will be implemented by March 2024.

Sl. No. Department Act Amendment Rule Amendment New Bill Erratum G.O.
1 Industries 2 Nil 2 1 Nil
2 Labour & Skills 3 2 Nil Nil Nil
3 LSGD 2 5 Nil Nil Nil
4 Legal Metrology Nil 1 Nil Nil Nil
5 Excise 1 Nil Nil Nil Nil
6 Forest & Wildlife 1 1 Nil Nil Nil
7 Ground Water Department 1 Nil Nil Nil Nil
8 Registration 1 Nil Nil Nil Nil
9 Agriculture 1 Nil Nil Nil Nil
10 Electrical Inspectorate Nil 1 Nil Nil Nil
11 Environment Nil 2 Nil Nil Nil
12 General Administration Nil Nil 1 Nil Nil
13 Revenue Nil Nil Nil Nil 1
TOTAL 12 12 3 1 1

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Last Updated on: 26 May 2024
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