Tales of Triumph from Kerala

KSIDC > Minar Ispat: Setting the Standard in Steel Manufacturing with Tempcore TMT
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Tales of Triumph from Kerala

Minar Group, founded in 1998, has evolved into a renowned national enterprise rooted in South India. The group comprises five companies specializing in the engineering, materials, services, and energy sectors. In 2006, Minar Group embarked on its journey in steel manufacturing by establishing Minar Ispat Private Limited.

Today, it is a globally recognized name in the industry. Their steel products, especially the MINAR TMT TEMPCORE steel bars, have gained popularity for their international quality and affordability. The company is located in Anakuzhikkara, Kozhikode.

With an initial investment of 15 crore, Minar Group has achieved an impressive turnover of 231.25 crore in the fiscal year 2022–23. They have received numerous awards, including Pollution Control and Safety Awards, highlighting their dedication to sustainability and safety.

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Last Updated on: 19 July 2024
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