Apply For License(K-SWIFT)

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Apply For License(K-SWIFT)

The aim of K-SWIFT is to create an industry-friendly environment in the state. K-SWIFT has a mechanism to approve applications submitted by industry or enterprise within 30 days. If the officials do not give permission within the specified time limit, the entrepreneur will get statutory permission automatically. This means that the officials cannot delay the applications or make it difficult for entrepreneurs in any way. K-SWIFT is geared towards granting permits for new ventures as well as renewing permits for existing industries. Only those applications submitted without defects and with sufficient information can be granted such approvals under the laws of the state without such delay. K-SWIFT has all the facilities to submit applications for allotment of industrial land and payment of employment tax to agencies like KSIDC and KINFRA. Please visit our K-SWIFT website for more details



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Last Updated on: 26 May 2024
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