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KSIDC Stall at the ‘Ente Keralam’ Exhibition
01-06-2023, ERNAKULAM

KSIDC participated in the 'Ente keralam' exhibition organised in 14 districts as part of the second anniversary of the state government. The stall was set up to assure better support and services for entrepreneurs and the public who came for the meet. KSIDC brochures were also distributed at the stall for the public. E-brochures detailing key projects at KSIDC were the main attractions at the stall.

KSIDC’s 'Scan and Win" contest was also impressive. The aim of the exhibition stall is to bring the popular projects implemented by the state government through the KSIDC to the people in the beautiful and attractive stall of the KSIDC. Through the stall, the projects implemented by the KSIDC were successfully delivered to the people.

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