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Minimizing Regulatory Compliance Burden

An entrepreneur has to obtain various permits/ licenses/ NOCs/ consents/ registrations from a number of Government departments and agencies to setup and run an enterprise in the State. The Minimizing Regulatory Compliance Burden exercise aims at identifying the burdensome compliances pertaining to industrial clearances and simplifying them. Developing online systems for licensing, simplification of application forms, reducing timelines for issue of licenses, increasing validity of licenses, provision for self-certification, third-party verification, are some of the minimizing mechanisms used for burdensome compliances. This many a times required amendment of Acts/ Rules and enactment of new legislation as well. Repealing of obsolete laws was also done as part of the exercise.

The identification of burdensome compliances is done by the entrepreneur community and the department officials. Such identified burdensome compliances were minimized by the various departments and agencies. With cooperation of 44 departments/ agencies in the state, a total of 1,928 burdensome compliances for businesses and citizens were minimized as on date, since its inception of this exercise in 2021. The summary of the State’s progress is given below:

Burdensome Compliances Minimized

  • Business

    Complains Burdens identified by the departments:937

    Minimized: 628

  • Citizen

    Complains Burdens identified by the departments: 1324

    Minimized: 1302


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