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Caravan & Caravan Parks

Finance will be extended to only new vehicles. Second hand and refurbished vehicles are not eligible for finance under the scheme.

Range of loan amount – Rs.50 lakh to Rs. 1 crore per caravan, total limit is 5 crore per enterprise.

Maximum finance from KSIDC per caravan – Limited to 70 % of the cost of caravan. Promoters have to bring in the balance 30 %

Target group

  1. Existing resorts/resort groups(firms, LLP and limited companies)
  2. Existing fleet owners/tour operators (firms, LLP and limited companies)
  3. Returnee migrants


Interest rate- Presently 8.75% (floating), with 0.5 % interest rebate for prompt repayment.
Processing fee – Rs. 1,00,000/- plus GST
Upfront fee: 0.75% of the loan amount plus GST
Repayment period – 84 monthly installments
Repayment period – 84 monthly installments
Moratorium – 12 months, extendable by another 6 months, from the date of first disbursement.


In the case of existing clients, for considering loan under this scheme, they shall have good repayment track record with KSIDC, and also be a standard asset. Regarding new clients, there shall be no overdues to financial institutions/banks, the asset shall be standard, and the CIBIL score of all the promoters/directors/partners shall be more than 650.

Overall DER of the enterprise, including this caravan loan proposed shall not exceed 1.5:1 However, if more loan is required, DE ratio up to 2:1 may be considered with collateral for funding the excess amount.

The disposal of bio-waste, passenger security aspects shall be ensured before sanctioning any proposals.

Police character certificates shall be obtained for all staff involved.

Where these caravan parks are established in environmentally sensitive/ heritage sites, there shall be lower dependence on fossil fuels for fuel and lights.

Security for the loan

  1. Hypothecation of the caravan. In case of multiple vehicles financed, collateral security to cover 140% security.
  2. In case of funding for caravan parks, mortgage of caravan park exclusively to cover 140%.
  3. Personal Guarantee of all promoters/directors/partners to be provided. Corporate guarantee also to be considered in suitable cases
  • Both the vehicle and parks have to be registered with the Transport Commissioner and Tourism Directorate.

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Last Updated on: 30 June 2022
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