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Mega Food Park Alappuzha
  • Area-68 acres
  • Location- IGC Alappuzha
  • Project Cost- 130 Crores

KSIDC is developing a Mega Food Park at IGC(Industrial Growth Centre) Pallippuram, Cherthala , focusing the sea food processing sector ,with grant assistance from Ministry of Food Processing Industries (MOFPI), Govt. of India under the Mega Food Park Scheme. Final approval for the project was received from MOFPI on 27.11.2015. The total cost approved is Rs.129.15 crores with Rs.50 Crores as grant from MOFPI, GOI. Project implementation is fast progressing and KSIDC has already received Rs. 28.8 Cr grant amount from MoFPI, GOI.

The KSIDC Marine Mega Food Park has been conceptualized, planned and designed based on the demand driven hub and spoke model with strong backward and forward linkages with the objective to create modern enabling infrastructure for setting up food processing industry. It contains three vital components namely the Central Processing Centre (CPC) at its Hub and Spokes are in the form of Primary Processing Centres (PPC) and Collection Centers (CC) linked by the agro-logistics network.

  • Central Processing Centre (CPC):

  • The CPC is the hub of value addition and combines processing, collection, quality control and food testing, trade and other related activities. These functions are spatially and ecologically clustered to create economies of scale through mutually beneficial use of infrastructure. The Central Processing Centre (CPC) is proposed in 68.18 acres of land in IGC Cherthala.To augment the efficiencies of processing within the CPC, the following infrastructure facilities being created at CPC at IGC Cherthala.
    Basic Enabling Infrastructure Facilities:

    • Bituminous roads and foot paths
    • Site development, compound wall and gate complex
    • Common parking facility
    • Water supply system
    • Storm water drains and sewerage collection network
    • Common Effluent Treatment Plant and effluent Conveyance System
    • Electrical substation and Internal Electrical distribution system
    • Street lighting
    • Security surveillance System

    Core Processing Infrastructure Facilities:

    • Industrial Shed: An Industrial Shed is constructed for establishing industrial units is SSI sector with built-up area of 9,000 sq.ft. with electricity and water supply (3 modules).
    • Cold Storage: Common cold storage of 3000 MT capacity shall be provided in park.
    • Deep Freezer Facility: The proposed Deep freezer is designed with 2.5 MT per batch capacity (10 MT capacity per day) .Built up area of the deep freezer including facilities like Blast Freezer, Frozen Cold Room, Chill Room, Packing Area, Receiving Area, & Ante Room facility comes at 408 sq.m
    • Deboning unit: The proposed De-boning facility is designed with 10 MT per day capacity (Avg 2.5 MT per batch). Deboning unit is having facilities of Blast Freezer, Plate Freezer, Frozen Room, Raw & Finished Material Chill Room, Flake Ice Room, Fish Processing & de-Boning Hall, Packing & Trolley Loading Area, Waste Material Room, Chemical Stores, Utensil wash area & Ante Room cum Loading area & Unloading Platform facility .
    • QC & Food testing Lab:

    Non-Core Infrastructure at CPC:

    • Administrative Buildings
    • Canteen
    • Creche
    • Workers amenities
    • Training and Skill Development Center

    Standard Design Factory (25000 Sq.feet)

    A Standard Design Factory (SDF) building for SMEs having 20,000 sq.ft. is set up for manufacturing units. This SDF is built in line with the requirements of a modern and efficient food processing unit. The building is built with RCC structure and food grade finishes as per the requirements of the industry.

  • Primary Processing Centers (PPCs):

  • The Central Processing Center would be backed up by an efficient and sustainable supply chain. Based on surplus raw material available and infrastructure assessment, potential locations for Primary Processing Centers (PPCs) have been identified and mapped which would be supported by cold chain infrastructure to reduce wastages and check quality deterioration. Strong backward linkages would be established by involving fishermen socities/groups and federating them into appropriate entities wherever possible.PPCs would provide for primary processing facilities such as peeling, cleaning, sorting and grading activities, mechanical weighing and crating of produce. The locations of PPC are:
    • PPC-Thoppumpady -90 cents land in Cochin Fisheries Harbour, Thoppumpady
    • PPC-Vypeen -60 cents of land near ‘RMP Thodu’ at Puthuvypeen
    • PPC-Munambaam-75 of land at Munambam Harbor

    Infrastructure facilities envisaged at PPCs at Thoppumpady and Vypeen are Pre-Processing shed for cleaning, sorting and grading of fish varieties, Flake Ice Plant, Cold Storage and QC Lab.

    At Munambam PPC ,the facilities proposed are shed for cleaning, sorting , grading and auction for fish varieties, Ice Plant, QC Lab cum office building and workers amenities.

  • Site Location

  • Project Site Configuration:

  • The entire extent is owned by KSIDC. The land was acquired for establishing industrial park by KSIDC. An extent of 68 acres of land in Pallippuram Village in Cherthala Taluk in Alappuzha District is carved out for establishing the Mega Food Park by KSIDC. The Mega Food Park is well connected with adequately wide road which can cater 40 foot container trucks. The nearest Highway is at Aroor and the distance to the NH is 15 KMs. The nearest railway station is Cherthala situated at a distance of 10 KMs. The distance to the Kochi International Airport is 50 Kms and the seaport at Kochi is 35 KMs. 110KV electrical lines are passing through the project site and the feasibility for utilizing the nearby110KV substation at Infopark site has been established and it is proposed to avail the power for this substation to the Mega Food Park . The pipelines of Kerala Water Authority (KWA) are passing through the location and internal water supply scheme is established from the tap off point in this pipeline. The Aroor/Cherthala belt is well known for seafood industries. There are also many preprocessing centers in the locality catering the seafood sector. Considering all these factors, the selected site is ideal for establishing Seafood processing facilities.
  • Plots for Setting up Units:

  • As of now, about 42 acres has been allotted to different Seafood/Food processing and allied units at the park .Balance available land at Mega Food Park comes about 3 acres. Land will be allotted to sea food/food processing units and industrial units in allied sectors for 30 year lease period. The present applicable lease premium is 137.26 Lakhs per acre up to 31.03.2020. Interested investors in seafood/food processing units &allied sectors shall apply to KSIDC for allotment of land at Mega Food Park, IGC-Cherthala.
  • Details of Land Allotted:

  • MEGA FOOD PARK Sector Area (In acre)
    1 Protech Organo Foods Pvt Ltd Sea food processing & Cold storage 1
    2 Aqua Sea Food Sea food processing & Cold storage 2
    3 Sait Sea Foods Sea food processing & Cold storage 2
    4 Premier marine foods Sea food processing & Cold storage 2
    5 Friends marine industries Sea food processing & Cold storage 1
    6 Keshodwala  Foods Sea food processing & Cold storage 2
    7 GMG Exports Sea food processing & Cold storage 1
    8 Monto Marino Pvt Ltd Sea food processing & Cold storage 2
    9 Ghan Marine Exim Sea food processing & Cold storage 1
    10 Busthan Al wathaniya Food processing & Cold storage 3
    11 Sun Aquatic products Pvt Ltd Sea food processing & Cold storage 5
    12 Crescent Flexi Pack Laminated zipper bags, pouches, rolls & blown film rolls & sheets 0.4
    13 Nasfood Exim.  cold store vegetables and seafood 0.5
    14 Mira Marine Foods Sea food processing & Cold storage 1.36
    15 AI Marine Sea food processing & Cold storage 2
    16 Annafabha Exim Sea food processing Unit 1.5
    17 Grand Marine Exim Warehousing & Repacking unit 2
    18 Grand poly pack Packaging unit 1
    19 Jass Ventures Pvt Ltd Aqua Feed Mill 0.49
    20 Ocean Gems Exports Sea Food Processing & Cold storage 1
    21 PP Flour Mill Food Grain grinding unit 0.50
    22 Aqua Silver Exim Pvt. Ltd. Sea Food processing & export unit 1
    23 Ocean Perl Fisheries Sea Food processing & export unit 0.9
    24 Torry Harris Exports Pvt. Ltd. Sea Food processing & export unit 4.4
    25 Key Marine Exports Sea Food processing & export unit 1
     Total 42.03
  • Modalities for allotment of land in Mega food Park:

    • The investors from sea food/food processing and allied sector shall submit “Application for Registration for allotment of Plots” in the prescribed form, duly filled in along with detailed project report and processing fee of Rs. 10,000 plus applicable service tax.
    • Application and details will be placed in District Land Allotment Committee (DILAC),Alappuzha chaired by GM,DIC Alappuzha for considering the proposal . Based on the recommendation from the committee and if found eligible , an allotement letter will be issued, detailing about the lease premium payable and other terms and conditions of plot allotment. The allottee is required to pay the prescribed lease premium, minimum 50%, within 90 days from the date of allotment. The present applicable lease premium is 137.26 Lakhs per acre up to 31.03.2020.
    • The lease period is for thirty years out of which the initial two years is Licence period. After paying the Lease premium, a Licence agreement will be executed thereafter the allottee will be permitted to enter in to the plot to commence construction activities.
    • After paying the lease premium in full and after completing the project implementation (within the licence period of two years), the allottee shall be entitled to get a lease on the property for the remaining 28 years (Nominal annual lease rent @ Rs. 100 per acre is payable for this period).
    • The allottee is permitted to mortgage the lease right on the plot for availing financial assistance from banks. During Licence period a tripartite agreement may be signed for this purpose.
    • “Application for Registration for allotment of Plots” in the prescribed form, (Form – A given below) duly filled in, along with a covering letter addressed to
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