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Park Highlights:
Bio360, Kerala’s first Life Sciences Park will advance science to new frontiers. Kerala’s first major step in the field of Life Sciences, the new Life Sciences Park, a Kerala State Industrial Development Corporation (KSIDC) initiative, will be a cluster of research institutions, sci-tech academia and companies, working in the field of Biotechnology, Nano-technology and Life sciences. A new venture to attract both domestic and foreign investments in the related areas, the industry-specific infrastructure of Bio360 – Life Sciences Park, includes incubation centre and technology development centre. With such state-of-the-art facilities, Thiruvananthapuram is certain to evolve as a hub of industry and R&D in Life Sciences.
Kerala is one among the 39 Bio Diversity spots in the world and has rich bio resources, plenty of academic and research institutions and large talent pool in the Life Sciences Sector .KSIDC is setting up a Life Sciences Park at Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala to leverage the advantages of the state in life sciences sector.
The BIO 360 Life Sciences Park, coming up in a 75 acre campus, was conceived keeping in view the opportunities in R&D and Manufacturing in the Biotechnology/Life Sciences Science sector in Kerala. The facilities being planned at the Life Sciences Park are as follows :

  • Incubation Centre to accommodate 20 incubatees, initially.
  • cGMP compliant bioprocess facility to be made available on time sharing basis.
  • Ready to occupy built-up area for R&D and Manufacturing activities.
  • Animal House, Disease Diagnostic Centre & Testing Facilities to be made available to the occupant companies /institutions of the Life Sciences Park.

Developed land for companies /institutions to set up their standalone R&D/ Manufacturing ventures.
The key distinctions and advantages of the proposed park at Thiruvananthapuram are as follows:

  • Policy Drive and Promotion
    The Kerala government is actively promoting economic development through research and development by creating an environment conducive to the establishment of clusters that harness local research base and intellectual pool, and attract global players in Life Science industry.
  • Access to Natural Resources
    Kerala has a rich natural ecosystem that provides bio-prospecting opportunities for pharmaceutical, traditional medicine and nutraceutical industries.
  • Existing Research Base
    Kerala has a vast network of research institutions and centers that conduct upstream and translational research while offering strong mentorship and technology impetus for research. Research Institutes such as Rajiv Gandhi Centre for Biotechnology, Sree Chitra Tirunal Institute for Medical Sciences and Technology, and Jawaharlal Nehru Tropical Botanic Garden and Research Institute based out of Thiruvananthapuram provide excellent opportunities for collaborations and synergistic linkages with the industry.
  • Human Resource Pool
    Kerala has demonstrated high levels of literacy across classes and genders. This has been supplemented by skilled and technologically adept human resources emerging from reputed universities and state of the art institutions.

Project Location
The BIO 360 Life Sciences Park is located at Thonnakkal, Vailoor Village, Thiruvananthapuram.

  • Focus Sectors

  • Biotechnology/Medical Technology
    • The three vital components under this sector envisaged for the facility are biopharmaceuticals, diagnostics and medical devices. Research and subsequent fruit yielding work on the same will see a chain of stages and levels in which the activities would be carried out. It would begin with core lab based research, taking into account various scientific processes and usage of relevant lab methods and technologies designated to be installed at the park. These activities would primarily be focused on the Innovation and Incubation Centre with inputs from the Bio-process facility wherever required on a case to case basis.However, for the end stage of the process/product development, the contribution from other park constituents such as the Animal Science Centre and Medical Technology Centre cannot be undermined. The components under the Animal Science Centre such as lab animal production unit, toxicological unit, translational research unit etc. would be of paramount importance in finalizing and testing the findings of research executed.

    Animal Health and Nutrition

    • Feed additives, Veterinary Biologicals and Animal Diagnostics are the vital pillars of the research proposed to be conducted under this sector. As with the Healthcare sector, the incubation and innovation center along with the bioprocess facility will be the cornerstone of the research activities here. The Food and AYUSH innovation center will be necessary in the later stages of the research for feed additives as the availability of pilot scale trials facility and product testing which are crucial to R&D and product development efforts within the food and nutraceutical industry are available here.For veterinary biologicals and animal diagnostics subsequent inputs from the medical technology facility and the animal science facility would be unquestionable importance as they would be necessary for conducting pre-clinical trials and related testing measures to get desired outcome of the research process.

    Food, Herbal and Traditional Medicine

    • Functional foods, traditional herbal medicinal science and nutraceuticals will be forming the crux of the research avenues proposed to be executed under this sector at this facility. The herbal products & traditional medicine sector is another promising sector for the park which is extensively correlated with the nutraceutical and functional food sector in terms of infrastructure requirements especially for downstream research. This center will leverage upon the synergy to draw herbal and traditional medicine ventures as well to the center.
  • Investment Options

  • BIO 360 Life Sciences Park will have an Innovation & Incubation Centre with a built up area of 3.3 lakhs sqft will be constructed within the park. The building will have c-GMP compliant Bio-Processing facility, state of the art Incubation facility, office space, and ready to occupy lab modules with support infrastructure facilities. Besides, the Park would also provide developed plots for large and Integrated Bio companies to set up their campuses and ready-to-use modular offices, and wet and dry lab space for intermediate, small and start-up companies. The Innovation cum Incubation Centre with the Bio-Processing facility will be quite unique and first of its kind in the Country.
  • Infrastructural Facilities

  • Core Infrastructure
    • Innovation and Incubation Centre
      Innovation hub with tenancy modules, Bio processing facilities, Bio tech labs, offices, meeting room, common processing and analytical facility, hatchery unit, prebuilt labs etc . (3,30,000 sqft ), cellar , G +9 floors
    • Bioprocess Facility
      Biosafety compliant and cGMP facility for pilot scale research and validation for mid and late stage research.

    Support Infrastructure

    • Dedicated Power-3MVA
    • Water- 1MLD
    • Internal roads
  • Existing Projects

    • Biomedical Research cum Learning Centre by KASUKerala Veterinary and Animal Sciences University (K-VASU) is setting up Biomedical Research cum Learning Centre aimed at establishing Centres for Transactional Research, Validation for Diagnostics & Device-testing and Feed & Food Management Training. The building is about 8000 sqft with Office rooms, class rooms, labs, lobby etc.
    • Polyskin Life Sciences India Pvt Ltd
      Polyskin Life Sciences India Pvt Ltd is a start-up company involved in the development of artificial skin substitutes from biodegradable polymers for the treatment of burn injuries. The chief promoter of the company is Dr Rajmohan, a medical doctor turned biotech scientist. Mr.Sivaprasad (Chartered Accountant) and Mr.Maheen.S.Haja (Commerce Graduate) are the other main directors of the company and they are looking after day to day operations of the business. The technical team for design and development of the bioreactor will be carried out by Mr.Prasant Pillai. KSIDC had released Rs 25 lakhs as seed capital to the company in September 2014.Polyskin Life Sciences had already launched its first product in the life science segment namely “ligo cells” a 3D cell culture scaffolds. “Ligocells” scaffolds will be primarily used by cancer researchers in India and across the world for the growth of cancer cells into 3 D cell cultures and will be used to test drugs and understand various cellular processes happening in cancer. Polyskin Life Sciences will be the first biotechnology company in India to launch a biodegradable and biocompatible polymer based scaffold for the growth of cells. Some of their products are already launched in the market and used by prestigious hospitals in India.The company has been allotted 1500 sq.ft built-up space in Life Sciences Park (the built-up was already available in the Park) on rental basis so as to carry out Research & Development including market development activities. Currently, they are focusing Research & Development in plant biotechnology for the discovery of anti-biotic drugs. As part of advancement of their operation, company has entered into a collaboration agreement with Davos Pharma, USA. Davos is one of the leading provider of discovery services and custom cGMP manufacturing of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient, New Chemical Entities and Biologics based in USA.
  • Upcoming Projects

    • Medical Devices Park within the Life Sciences Park: A Joint Venture between Sree Chitra Institute for Medical Sciences and Technology and KSIDC. Project cost: Rs. 180 Crores. Proposal submitted to Government of India for funding support. NitiAyog accepted the project, in-principle.
    • Biotech Building by KSIDC: 80,000 sq.ft building; Work awarded to HLL’s Infrastructure Division. Design of the building in advanced stage. Work is progressing, completion in June 2019; capital outlay : Rs 35 Crores
    • Kerala State Council for Science, Technology & Environment (KSCSTE/Council) proposed to establish the State Virology Institute at the Life Sciences Park. The first phase of the project is coming up in 25 acres of land and the total capital and operating expenses for the initial 5years are estimated at Rs 202 Cr and it is expected to generate an employment of about 200 personnel in the 5 years’ period.
  • Master Plan

  • Master Plan – First Phase(75 Acres)
  • Land Allotments

  • I.Details of Land allotted
    Sl No: Name of the Project Extent acres
    1 Biomedical Research cum Learning Centre  by Kerala Veterinary and Animal Sciences University (K-VASU) 2.00
    2 Institute of  Advanced Virology by Kerala State Council for Science, Technology & Environment (KSCSTE) 5.00
    3 Pharma Formulation Unit by Lividus Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd. 1.50
    4 Innovation cum Incubation Centre 4.25
    Total  12.75 acres


    II.Deails of Land Earmarked

    Sl No: Name of the Project Extent acres
    1 Institute of  Advanced Virology by Kerala State Council for Science, Technology & Environment (KSCSTE) 20.00
    2 Medical Devices Park, Jointly established by  Sree Chitra Institute for Medical Sciences and Technology (SCTIMST)  and KSIDC 9.00
    Total  29.00 acres


    III. Balance land Available – 15.25 acre

  • Land allotment guidelines including pricing

  • Modalities of allotting plots in the Life Sciences Park:
    • The applicant shall submit “Application for Registration for allotment of Plots” in the prescribed form, duly filled in along with detailed project report and processing fee of Rs. 10,000 plus applicable service tax.
    • On scrutiny of the particulars furnished and if found eligible, an allotement letter will be issued, detailing about the lease premium payable and other terms and conditions of plot allotment. The allottee is required to pay the prescribed lease premium, minimum 50%, within 90 days from the date of allotment
    • The lease period is for thirty years out of which the initial two years is Licence period. After paying the Lease premium, a Licence agreement will be executed thereafter the allottee will be permitted to enter in to the plot to commence construction activities.
    • After paying the lease premium in full and after completing the project implementation (within the licence period of two years), the allottee shall be entitled to get a lease on the property for the remaining 28 years (Nominal annual lease rent is payable for this period).
    • The lease premium of land at Life Sciences Park is Rs.373.70 lakhs per acre plus GST as applicable.
    • The allottee is permitted to mortgage the lease right on the plot for availing financial assistance from banks. During Licence period a tripartite agreement may be signed for this purpose.
    • “Application for Registration for allotment of Plots” in the prescribed form, (Form – A in Downloads given below ) duly filled in, along with a covering letter addressed to
  • Contact

  • Shri. Biju. B. G.
    Asst. General Manager
    (O): 0471-2318922
    Cell: +919847936409
    [email protected]
  • Downloads

  • E-brochure on Life sciences
    Application for Land Allotment

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