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In order to create a conducive environment for investors and improve the Ease of Doing Business in the State, Government of Kerala had undertaken a study to reform the key Acts, Rules and procedures that govern the issue of clearances to investors. The study, which was completed in November 2016, highlighted the interventions required by the Government of Kerala in the areas of policies, procedures and infrastructure in order to make the clearance timelines in the State more competitive and comparable to the top ranked states in India. This includes enhancements to the functioning of the current Single Window Clearance mechanism in the state.

Government has now streamlined the procedures for granting clearances by amending several Acts, Rules and executive orders, and stipulated timelines for disposal of applications for clearances. However, taking the highly competitive timelines for clearances proposed as part of amendments to the governing Acts and Rules, a suitable supporting governance mechanism is required to ensure that timelines are adhered to.

In this regard, Government has now developed an online clearance mechanism in the State. The works associated with the development of the online mechanism (SWIFT) and its integration with portals of concerned Departments / Agencies have been completed.

The online mechanism has been integrate with the existing web portal of departments / agencies concerned viz., KSEB, Electrical Inspectorate, Labour, Water Authority, PCB, Fire & Rescue, Mining & Geology, SEIAA/CZMA and Factories & Boilers. Also interface have been created for departments / agencies that do not have an existing online mechanism viz., Forests, Ground Water, Directorate of Panchayats, Directorate of Urban Affairs and Chief Town Planner have also been completed.

As a part of SWIFT, a unified payment platform integrating all the existing payment mechanisms of concerned departments / agencies have also been integrated to SWIFT. The SWIFT will be an integrated platform for entrepreneurs to apply for all requisite clearances in the State. The platform will also be providing independent and composite licenses with a validity of 1 to 5 years; as also provision for deemed clearances has also been introduced. SWIFT will be the next revolutionary change in the clearances / legislative landscape of the State which will provide a thriving environment for enterprises in the State.

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Last Updated on: 4 October 2022
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