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Kerala has the highest road density among other Indian states. Every nook and corner of the state has motorable roads with a well developed transport system operating in public and private sector enabling a seamless movement of people and goods across the state. The state has 8 major National Highways, viz, NH-47, NH-17, NH-49, NH-47A, NH-208, NH-212, NH-213 and NH-220, spanning a length of 1523.954 Km. The total length of the State road network in Kerala during 2006-07 increased to 162149 Km from 160944 Km in the previous year. Road density in the State is 417 Km/100 Sq.Km, which is far ahead of national average of 100.39 Km/100 Sq.Km. The length of road per lakh population is 509.23 Km, which is also much higher than the national average of 321.3 Km.

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