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Industrial Growth Centres

As per scheme announced by the Central Government, Government of Kerala has entrusted Kerala State Industrial Development Corporation Ltd (KSIDC) for developing and managing Industrial Growth Centres in various locations in the state. Accordingly KSIDC has acquired /purchased land at four industrially backward locations in the following districts:

1. Kannur - Valiyavelicham (Kuthupramba)
2. Kozhikode - Kinalur (Balusserry)
3. Alappuzha - Pallippuram (Cherthala)

The Industrial Growth Centres at the above locations are under various stages of development and basic infrastructural facilities such as road, water, power, telecommunication etc are already put in place. Steps are being taken to improve the facilities further.

Industrial plots are available at these Growth Centres and entrepreneurs can get the same for setting up industrial units, on long lease for a period of thirty years. The units coming up in the IGC are supported by Single Window Clearance Mechanism of State Govt.

Modalities of allotting plots in the IGCs

  1. The applicant shall submit "Application for Registration for allotment of Plots" in the prescribed form, duly filled in.
  2. On scrutiny of the particulars furnished, preliminary selection will be made and if found eligible, a letter will be issued intimating about the lease premium payable and other terms and conditions of plot allotment.
  3. The applicant is then required to submit a detailed application form duly filled in (Form furnished along with the Intimation letter)along with all particulars and 10% of Lease premium as EMD, for final consideration.
  4. On scrutiny of the detailed application form, if found eligible, Allotment letter will be issued and the allottee is required to pay the prescribed lease premium.
  5. The lease period is for thirty years out of which the initial two years is Licence period. After paying the Lease premium, a Licence agreement will be executed thereafter the allottee will be permitted to enter in to the plot to commence construction activities.
  6. After paying the lease premium in full and after completing the project implementation (within the licence period of two years), the allottee shall be entitled to get a lease on the property for the remaining 28 years (Nominal annual lease rent is payable for this period).
  7. The allottee is permitted to mortgage the lease right on the plot for availing financial assistance from banks . During Licence period a tripartite agreement may be signed for this purpose.
  8. "Application for Registration for allotment of Plots" in the prescribed form, (Form - A given below) duly filled in, along with a covering letter addressed to
Shri. R. Ravichandran
Deputy General Manager
Kerala State Industrial Development Corporation Ltd.
T.C. XI/266, Keston Road, Kowdiar, Thiruvananthapuram-695 003
Phone : 0471- 2318922, Fax : 0471-2315893

IGC Kannur
Shri. Anush Joseph
Assistant Manager, Industrial Growth Centre
Valiyavelicham, Koothuparamba
Mooriyad P.O, Kannur - 670 643
Phone : 0490 2362630

IGC Kozhikode
Shri. Rithu K. S.
Assistant Manager, Industrial Growth Centre
Kinalur, Via Balussery
Kozhikode - 673 621
Phone : 0496 2646454/2646794

IGC Cherthala
Shri. Gopalakrishan
Park Officer
Industrial Growth Centre, Building No CMC XI/266-A
Mullappally Road, Cherthala, Alappuzha - 688 524
Phone : 0478 2811841

Please click here for Application Form for registration of plots

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