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Financial Services

Banking and Financial Services is yet another area for innovative investments. The groundwork has already been completed with the wide penetration of equity culture amongst a large section of the people and concepts like futures trade in commodities.

  • Banks
  • Asset management companies
  • Stock broking companies
  • Portfolio management service
  • Back office operations
  • Venture Capital Funds

The investment Kerala made in education and health in the past has started paying dividends now. It has produced a generation of people that creates wealth at home and abroad. Financial institutions that come up with imaginative products would find Kerala a fertile land to grow.

Kerala’s health indices are legendary, but seldom does the health of its basic financial services system get its due. It has a robust and savvy banking system which involves multinational banks, nationalized banks, private scheduled banks and new generation banks. But unlike most other States, Kerala has a very strong, legal and regulated financial market that serve people at the mass level, often people below the pyramid.

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