CIN : U45309KL1961SGC001937

Equipment Purchase Loan

A scheme introduced for existing client who have shown growth and credit worthiness. KSIDC's Equipment Purchase Loan Scheme devised and taken from IDBI, will provide loan to existing clients to purchase items of Plant & Machinery required for improving the capacity utilization, production efficiency of their industrial establishment.

The loan is subject to certain terms and conditions. The Debt-Equity ratio for this loan is very liberal, as financing will be provided up to 77.5% of the invoice value of the equipment. The balance 22.5% of the invoice value is the minimum margin required to be invested by the Promoter. The security is the exclusive charge on the machinery and the continuing charge on the fixed assets of the company.

Repayment period of up to six years is allowed.

Conditions for availing Equipment Loan

  1. The institution/ firm need to have continuous Net Profit for the last 3 financial years.
  2. Accounts of the firm need to be regular and up to date.
  3. There should not be any default to any financial institutions/ banks
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