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Coffee is a highly export-dependent crop and more than 80% of domestic production is exported. Export of Coffee from India in terms of quantity increased from 201555 MT in 2005-06 to 249030 MT during 2006-07 showing 23.6% hike in quantity and the value realized was Rs.2007.09 Crores. The value realised increased by 32.9% compared to 23.3% of previous year. Major share of total coffee export from India is to Italy. During 2006-07 Italy imported 62786 tons of Coffee, followed by Russia and Germany.

The Southern states of Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu are the traditional Coffee growing areas in the country. During 2006-07, the area under Coffee plantation in Kerala was 0.846 lakh ha out of 3.28 lakh ha in the country, which works out to 26%. Kerala's production of Coffee during the year was 0.59 lakh MT as against 2.82 lakh MT for the country, accounting to about 21% of the national output. The major Coffee variety grown in Kerala is Robusta with a share of 95% in planted area.

Coffee provides opportunities for livelihood to nearly one lakh families including agricultural laborers. In Kerala, Coffee is also one of the small holder plantation crops with nearly 76,000 holdings coming under the category with an average size of 1.1 ha.

Out of the total Coffee export from India the highest contribution is from Cochin port, constituting 41.82% of the total export. During 2006-07, an increase of 14.3% in quantity export was realised from Cochin Port compared to the previous year.

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